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Canadian Motivel was established in 1984 and has quickly became known for distributing quality industrial products with a focus on customer service and innovative problem solving solutions. Their industrial products division serves as a leader in the sales of quality abrasives, portable air tools, industrial tapes and adhesives, silicones and teflon fabrics. With the addition of the converting division in 1990, they have been converting and distributing fabricated products for the electrical market. Based in Ayr, Ontario, Canadian Motivel has the in-house capabilities to slit, die cut, cut to length, bond, form and sheet all flexible materials.


Zenith Transformer Components LLC (ZTC) is dedicated to providing high quality, reliable components to the electrical power industry. Their staff has over 80 years of experience in the domestic and international power transformer industry. Zenith Transformer Components has a broad knowledge and working relationship with many quality electrical industry suppliers worldwide. ZTC offers these products to major OEM’s, utilities, and industrial user markets. ZTC continues to increase our product offerings to the industry. ZTC is based in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA.


Pucaro is proud to be a leading supplier to the entire electro technical industry. Their insulating materials have a broad range of applications from small distribution transformers up to high-rating power transformers. They have earned global reputation for consistent quality and customer service.


Figelhom is a premier suppler of Elboard used in the oil-filled transformer market. Figeholm Elboard is made of pure cellulose fibres only. There is no filler material or added bonding agents. The mechanical strength comes from the fibres themselves and from the adhesion between them. Elboard is marketed either as flat sheets, as semi-finished rods or laminated blocks, or as finished, shaped components for insulation systems.



Canadian Motivel Inc.

Zenith Transformer Components LLC

PMA Inc. (Phillip Morris Associates Incorporated)

PMA began in 1988 as a manufacturer's representative firm by Philip Morris and is located in Athens, Georgia. Since then, the business has been expanded to include many services beyond sales. Their primary focus is the electrical equipment industry with special emphasis on oil-filled transformers.