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Mark Greaves



Mark's journey began as a Canduct employee and evolved into the owner in 1992. His vision moved the company from a one employee, one machine show to the global leader it is today.

In the electrical insulation industry, Mark continues to fulfill his vision of becoming a full-service supplier to the power and distribution transformer industry. His most recent step in this direction is through the development of Specialty Transformer Components LLC.

Jeff Hansen

Vice President of Operations

Jeff Hansen was appointed to the Vice-President Operations for Canduct Industries Ltd. in March 2019. Jeff is accountable for the performance of Canduct Industries and it affiliated companies. Jeff received his Bachelor of Engineering Science Degree from The University of Western Ontario in 2000. He received his Master of Business Administration from the Ivey Business School in 2007.

Prior to joining Canduct Industries Ltd. Jeff spent 17 years in the power generation industry.

Chad Cassar

Director of Finance

Danny Morris

Sales and Marketing Manager

Danny has over 18 years’ experience of Insulation and Components supply to Distribution and Power Transformer Market. In-depth knowledge of supply chain, raw materials, fabrication, warehousing, distribution and VMI.

Responsible for specific customer accounts and sharing overall Marketing responsibilities with Mike Morris.

Mike Morris

Sales and Marketing Manager

Mike has spent much of his career in the Power Generation industry before moving into the T & D industry. With 28 years of supplying insulation and various components to Transformer and Motor OEMs.

After 27 years as private business owner, in 2017 he became Co-Sales & Marketing Manager for Canduct Industries Ltd responsible for specific customer accounts and sharing overall Marketing responsibilities with Danny Morris.

Darlene Madeira

General Manager - London Operations


Darlene is the Customer Service Manager for Canduct Industries and has worked with the company since 2015 with an involvement in the entire customer experience from order processing to shipping.

She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Communications and Business and has spent her entire working career in the Manufacturing industry. Darlene has a focus on customer satisfaction and supervision of our dedicated Customer Service Associates.

Cindy Gonzales

Manager - Customer Service